My ender ender

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  1. Hello all,
    For the past week I've been planning a ender ender, which my bother (jamesg003) and I are building in an undisclosed location/server. I thought I'd show everyone my progress.

    Please don't ask where it is, it removes any respect I had for you.

    I also made a model of what I'm going to build in SP, click the spoiler to see.

    Yeah, those are ladders. We're using ladders because it's 1 block wide, so it works, and because we forgot vines >.<

    Made a tunnel, approx. 160 blocks away from any other spawn point, so I think we're good :)
    Main room is up.

    Also, for some reason endermen spawn on top of the tunnel, even though I made it out of half slabs, any help on preventing that?

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  2. can i pweeeez has da coords i willza payz u 27 rupeeez!!!1111
    Haha jkjk but it looks great. :)

    What's with the enchanted wooden swords? XD
  3. I needed to get rid of my levels for a speed test to level 30 (which ended up to be around five minutes.)
  4. Use water to prevent spawning on the tunnel.
  5. After reading the wiki, it states that mobs will not spawn on slabs that are not flush with regular blocks, and I remembered to not do so (after building a quater of the tunnel >.< more tearing down for me). Any help?

    EDIT: ninja'ed, i would do that, but thats about 150 water source blocks, and i only have 4 buckets so I'd have to travel a lot...
  6. Unlimited water source
  7. I can't make one on top of the tunnel, as weird water movement causes it to only go to the sides, so I'd have to build an extra platform.
  8. Mobs can spawn on top of upsidown slabs now.
  9. I thought that if the slabs were 1/2 the size of a normal block, they couldn't spawn no mater what. Eh, more water bucketing for me...
  10. Aaaand, we invited two people, one of which did not accept. Our Progress, two spawning layers. (PRO_G4NGST4 did most of the work...)

  11. Three spawning layers are up, unfortunately it isn't as fast in MP >.<
  12. I'm assuming this is NOT on utopia?
    Because there's already one there. :p
  13. Yep, this isn't. I currently reside at a iron farm there.
  14. Hey I've made one of these before, it looks like you're using redstart torches under the pistons, you don't really need those. You can just alternate using redefine dust and repeaters connected to the pressure pads and simply power the blocks underneath them. Hope that helps!
  15. remember: endermen can teleport randomly, so just grab a load of buckets and pour water over the tunnel
  16. If I get what you're saying, that would need sticky pistons instead of pistons. Currently I'm not willing to shell out a few thousand rupees for what I got at 700r, but the insight is appreciated.

    Anyways, I just learned ladders have collision boxes, so half of the endermen will die upon impact >.< I need vines...
  17. your ender ender? you mean your ender farm?
  18. We have vines now! (thanks golfer!)

    Now this is awesome!
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  19. I cant wait to start using this! :D I will help later on too.
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