My Empire Thoughts!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to share my EMC thoughts with you! So, FinalArc did one of these and I decided I'll do my own. Thanks for the idea!!!!!!!

    So, let's get straight to it! Number 1: I love EMC! The events are so much fun! But there's one I don't understand. And it's UHC. There's so many complaint about it, and staff is not helping, and it's like a hardcore/mean event kinda thing. There is tons of drama; people being mean, reporting players for no reason, it's just really chaotic. I think we should really stop the UHC until we figure out what the problems are with it... sorry staff, I just feel that way....

    EMC Staff is really great!! It's just.. some don't know what they're doing at times. I won't give out names, but some just don't know.. and I think EMC needs to improve on the staff. There's only like 2 I've seen doing a poor job, so yeah. (Hint: It's none of the Admins, Developers, or Owners)

    The EMC players are amazing! I love them so much! Except, there's been a little bit of a conflict doing on in-game EMC. There's being mean, people telling other people there grades, and much more. *People telling people there grades is bad. Grades are for you and your family to know only*
    So, I just think it's not really good for the EMC Community to be mean to one and other. And trust me, I've seen a lot of it happening.

    Now, I've heard this recently, but some players are saying other players ruin EMC. And some have said I have been ruining EMC. Guys, don't let those people take you down when you say that. Remember the "Play your way" system? That applies on forums; much as it does in-game. So, play your way guys. Don't let people tell you how to. This is your Minecraft, not theirs. Rock the world, Minecraft: EMC!! (Play your way means (if you don't know) you can play your way)

    EMC Rules are falling down a little. And by falling, I mean I've seen a lot of players disobeying the rules and when people have given them warnings (such as mods, diamond supporters, gold supporters, iron supporters, and members) they wouldn't stop. The rules don't matter to EMC anymore. (At least it feels that way). There's only like 50 members a day online informing the rules. The rest are just dilly dallying. (51 players if you count me). So, I think there needs to be a change in this.

    Now, there are some mods who do take the stand and mute those people. These people are Krysyy, RainbowChin, DWmom, AnonReturns, AlexChance, MrSocks75, B4D5IMAN5IMON, practically all staff members! But not all mods are doing it, so more people are not following the rules and think they can get away with it. I think more Mods need to watch out and see who's coming to break the rules, because it's always someone.

    EMC bugs are everywhere. There's glitches are, there's glitches there, there's glitches everywhere! EMC is a well coded server. Except, there's a few bugs on. I'll name one out of 5 that I've seen. On my iPad, when I log in sometimes, there's this bug when some peoples avatars like spread all over the screen. There's at least 10 people's avatars all over my screen. Like, it's hard to explain, but there's like ItsMeMathues' avatar is like all over the black thing on top of a thread written. EMC is great and all, but there's a lot of bugs.

    Well, I will edit if I have more things to say! But these are my ideas :). I hope you like them!