My EMC Life Story!!

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  1. Hewo Everyone!!

    So I have decided to share how I found EMC! Soo lets get started XD

    I had only had 2 servers at that moment and one was like a regular world just with multiplayer, greifing aloud, hacking aloud, etc.. so I was getting tired of getting griefed over and over again. The other server I played on was just all mini games, I didnt delete that one and I still use it now but I wanted something different!

    I had my friend over and we wanted to play together on a server so we went online and searched "Minecraft 1.8 servers". We found a website and scrolled down the list, we spent about 30 min. going through different websites and couldnt find anything that interested us. ( We were using same computer to search ), so my friend started typing in mini game servers and I told her I didnt want that.

    We started fighting back and forth about servers we wanted then we both starting typing at the safe time and shoving eachother around XD and then she screamed stop and she clicked enter. What we typed in was "Emfires Minceft" XD and we looked below the search bar and it said "Do you mean: Empire Minecraft" and we clicked that to change our words to that and the first link was to the forums.

    I browsed through the forums and look at some threads. My friend and I both decided why dont we try it out! When we started to log into MineCraft her mom came to pick her up so we never got to play MC together but I still tried out EMC as CatNapInn and I loved the server, friendly community, helpful staff, no griefing, our own lot, and more! I even made friends right away! One of my first friends was my neighbor and her name is tr300guru ( idk if I spelled that right :p ).And while I am here I want to give a lil shoutout to tr300guru for helping me a lot and giving me tons of materials when I was griefed and being a great neighbor and friend!!

    Time passed I got diamond supporter and did my regular stuff on EMC. Than IRL I had to move to a new home which helped me since I could play EMC more but then came where I got my own laptop and I couldnt use CatNapInn a lot because of my sister so I made my alt Pixel_Kat_Playz. Soon enough CatNapInn as Pixel_Cat23 at that time became my alt, I changed my name to Little_Pixel_Pig. All was well lots of months passed my name changed to Lil_Spartan_Cat and I decided to use my alt for decor. head business and I would change her name to Ninja_Burger_Cat!

    When I changed Pixel's name I have to say I lost quite a few friends who didnt reconnize me anymore and It was sad. There was barely any "Hey Pixel!" when I joined. Sometimes I do regret changing my name but its worth it. Now its my second month of my head business and Ninja's name has changed back to CatNapInn. And the first time I joined after I turned my name back to Cat. All I saw was "Hey CatNapInn, long time no see!" in PM's from players. As that showed some of my good friends who I though knew me as Cat didnt actually and they have been waiting for me to return XD

    Thats My Story
  2. Nice Story Funny :D
  3. I found EMC in a book.