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  1. Hey emc!

    I've organised a drop party for my 400th emc day!

    I will drop many things including the donated stuff people (including you if you want to) dropped in my hoppers at 18468 on smp9.

    The drop party will take place in 18468 on smp9 in the new drop party room.

    Time it will take place:

    9pm England time
    4pm base America time

    I will post on here how long it is till the drop party.

    It will happen in 3 days from this post (11th September)

    Please come :D
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  2. congrats on 400 days
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  3. Congrats, I'll be there
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  4. thanks! :)
  5. congratulations! Keep this thread bumpin so everyone can see :D ~FDNY21
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  6. I hope to be there. Happy 400 days!
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  7. wow 400 days. congrats captaincraft
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  8. 1 hour and 20 mins to go!
  9. 30 minute warning
  10. only quarter of an hour left :D
    cannot wait.
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  11. I'm at school ugggg
  12. Wow, I got emerald blocks, iron blocks, and a LABOR BENCH! Thanks so Much :D ~FDNY21
  13. you messed up your time zones. it shouldn't of started for half an hour
  14. there was no mixup..? 9pm for england and 4pm base america (EST) right? I wouldnt know xD
  15. it just became 4:00 base time if im correct
  16. i think she meant EST
  17. yes I did
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