My egg?

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  1. So luckily, Justin froze my lot, but I forgot to tell him to freeze Phocs lot. On my leave, and return, my lots missing about two stacks of diamon bricks, all replaced by cheap blocks. Even stranger, my enderegg disappeared days before the lot was deleted.. If anyone knows status on the original smp3 enderegg, get back to me. Thanks
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  2. i think it was deleted...
  3. i think You12maec took it then he got banned then i took you12maec's lot.
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  4. I reset the lot, but was unaware of the presence of a dragon egg at the time. Would you possibly know who may have had perms on phocs lot prior to reset?
  5. does this somehow mean i get a dragon egg xD
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  6. No.
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  7. lololol, this is funny XD
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  8. ARE you sure
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  9. Yes.
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  10. Well! Nobody had perms. Nobody had perms on my other lot either. I sadly forgot to ask to get phoc lot frozen, but that's not the point. Somehow, someone stole my egg, and stacks and stacks of diamonds without permission to do do. Has anyone hacked e system recently?
  11. Hey Jack, I know for sure that your EGG was missing WAY before your residence got resetted. I checked your residence the day I bought a dragon egg from Ignoramoose. Your residence WAS still there but the egg WASNT. I even asked Ignoramoose if he knew something about it.

    And I did talk to You12maec he didnt have your egg, even tho he claimed that he did.
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  12. Blehh, I keep thinking I'm going to get back into EMC and more crap adds up discouraging me.
  13. eh. none of that mumbo jumbo here.
    im sure it will get solved.
    maybe if somehow somebody cheated the system to get use they could have right clicked the egg to their lot.
    unreasonable yes, possible yes.
    could be a neighbor if this is true.