My dragon-skull build

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  1. So, i'm moving all of my farm stuff underground, just to clean up the overground area. I have always worked that way, and it proves to be very efficient. Once I do this though, the above ground will only have the house I started. I don't really want my house to be visible, even though it will have my shop attached to it.

    So I came up with building a d***** skull in my res.
    I need red wool, stone (cobble would also be great!) and bookshelves...And books. Oh, and I need glowstone and wood.
    Yup, that's right. I'm building a library inside of something big.

    I am currently supplying wool for vivid-optimism's 9/11 build, and i'm also going to be continuing BobAlek's Sears tower after the 25th. Material donations are appreciated. I'll also be posting a picture diary in the comments.
  2. Bumpiddy wumpiddy wump bump.
    Tomorrow, when I get home from school, i'll be starting the layout. Just tell me you need a chest to put your donations in and i'll set one up for you ;)
  3. Why exactly did you censor what I presume is dragon?