My Departure of EMC (CLOSED)

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Will you miss me when I'm gone?

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  1. Hello, EMC community. Most of you have seen me around the forums. Some of those people even talk to me when you see me. And some of those people know me quite personally. I regret to say that I will no longer be a part of Empire Minecraft. You might be asking, "Why, Chris? Why leave us?" It's not the community. It's not the server. It's not the staff. It has nothing to do with Empire Minecraft in any way, shape, or form. Rather, I simply do not have time to check in every two weeks (I've had derelict for 2 months from early Feb. 2014) to keep my things. I am also a busy little bee with working on my server of my own (of course, I won't tell anyone about it on here. This server deserves players much more than mine does). So, my dear friends, don't think of this as me leaving EMC forever. I'm most likely going to be free near the summer, so I will return then. I will try to get derelict as long as I can until then. But enough with the depressing departure. When I joined this server, I was a complete noob to Minecraft multiplayer. I used to "tawk liek dis en i nevr capitlizd." I was struggling with a bit of depression, since my girlfriend at the time was a complete [insert alternative word for "female dog" here] and my family couldn't care less about me. I was scared and I turned to video games to keep my mind off the troubles of the world. Singleplayer games were nice and all, but, since I am a human being, I craved interaction with real people. So, I dared to pull up Google, looked for Minecraft servers, and entered in the IP address of a server: "" (this was before Empire Minecraft owned the domains "" and ""). It said I had to register on their website, which I quickly did. I tried to join again, and I found myself in a maze-like tutorial of some sort (newer players won't know about the old tutorial; EMC's original tutorial was a maze where you had to go through the correct hallway to advance and get closer to Town). After I finished the tutorial, I entered Town and was greeted by lots of friendly people. I might actually fit in here, since nobody would know who I really am, I thought to myself. I made lots of friends on here, and my depression subsided, since I was comforted and loved by my dear friends on EMC. I'm going to dearly miss those friends, but one day, I shall return. I would like to list the players who have touched me the most (in alphabetical order):

    So, I bid thee farewell. I shall be back someday, and when I do, I shall find nothing less than a server that is prospering and beautiful. Stay strong, Empire. I truly will miss thee.
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