My Deepest Apology!

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  1. Im Sorry For What Happened!

    You may have heard that I was trying to scam people into giving Minecraft username and passwords, this is not true. What happened was I made a website for Smile Co. (Now deleted) for staff only. But people misunderstood me, thinking I wanted Minecraft usernames and passwords.

    Big thank you to my brother (Fellyboy) who has been talking to IcC to get me unbanned. All my websites have been closed! And yes jkjkjk182 im using "periods" lol!

    So in the end im really sorry about what has happened and that it can be forgotten by the EMC community, and that im accepted back into it
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  2. Website was attacked so it looked like you were asking for usernames and passwords?
  3. Huh? what you on about?
  4. idk what ur talking about but i forgive you for whatever you did :p
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  5. You said it looked like you were asking for usernames and passwords and you shut down your website due it causing confusion. Why would that even happen?
  6. Like for you! Welcome back:)
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  7. because i made a private login for Smile Co.'s staff and then asked people for a username|password they wanted for it, but some got confused with what i put so though i asked about MC or EMC passwords and usernames and reported me
  8. thanks, i never ment to scam people
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  9. i dont get that i put

    in EVERY message sent yet they reported me about it?
  10. It was probably just the wording. It may not have been clear to some that you wanted them to create a separate and new username/pass for this separate website. Sometimes you have to go into extreme detail just make a simple point. And even then, things can still get confused.
  11. k thanks for that :D
  12. Welcome back.
    I had concerns about exactly that when I made the website for the LLO (a EMC wild community).
    I ended making it on google sites as all I need to add people to website staff there is a valid Google Email Address (people can just make another one if they want to stay private, google allows multiple accounts). The functions there a kinda limited (as far as I know now real private forum) but it did the job without risking that kind of confusion. So if you ever need a private area for some stuff (sites don't have to be visible by everyone), maybe check it out. This is the LLO site as an example:

    PS: I do not get anything for promoting this. The link is not an affiliate link.
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  13. yeah, i only thought i had to remove the site that made so much confusion. I had to remove all of my sites, including my ProStarter site so now im stuck because people used that to get projects to me. Now im doing something secret to get something into a thread.
  14. Hope everything goes back to normal. Remember though that people are not always the most understanding and to get your point across you sometimes have to be very detailed and "slow" in your explanations and requests.
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  15. why did u have to delete the pro starter site it didn't have a staff only
  16. IcC said to get unbanned i need to delete all my site :( i still got them they just redirect to a site closed page
  17. an u start them again after ur unbanned
  18. Well- I was unsure of what to think when I heard about this, but I accept your apology. I am glad to hear everything will work out fine :)
  19. no, the sites are staying down until, i can make a offer to IcC to see if i can relaunch ProStarters thats the only one i want

    Thanks :D
  20. YK that u could make a staff section on prostarter with staff accounts not mc ones to buid the site then give icc a account so he can see what it will look like and then publish