My Daddy

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  1. My whole world could crumble and fall
    And I wouldn't even notice at all.
    The true happiness we now feel,
    Seems oh, so surreal.

    I found my daddy after 42 years
    So much lost, so many fears.
    We found each other the other day
    For so many years we did pray.

    We searched for each other to no avail,
    Now begins a true fairytale.
    All our love we have recently shared,
    Is beyond any that can be compared.

    With laughs and cries
    So many tears in our eyes
    Living our hopes and dreams over again,
    True joy and happiness now does begin.

    We thank our Heavenly Father above,
    For giving us back our long lost love.
    I thank my Heavenly Father for giving me back,
    My long, long lost daddy......Jack!!!!

    Copywrite Alisa Reafs 2015
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