My Curent Work in progress

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  1. Hey Guys

    Fist of all i would like to say this is still very much in development

    Res# 16003

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  2. Looking good spree :D
  3. i think i saw this... smp8? 14003? definately, i saw it. now all i have to say is... YOU.ARE.KING. literally, now taht you have this awesome castle!
    oh and BTW nice store ;)
  4. looks amazing so far! How will deal with lighting it at night-time? So it doesn't turn into a dungeon every evening lol.
  5. Getting there mate! Gotta love your creations :)
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  6. Looks amazing. Keep it up!
  7. Ok so i have done a little more work still not 100% happy but makeing good progress

    i decided to go along the fairytale route and see if i could achieve that magical feel

    here is what i have changed so far

    Great View Here from Brandop123's res ""reffer to post MASSIVE waste of space""

  8. Im taking that as a metaphorical (slightly lesser than) middle finger to brandop. Lol.
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