My Creative House

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  1. Hello people of EMC

    For the past couple of days, I have been working on a house in a singleplayer world and I've made some good progress. I plan to bring this build to EMC once I've completed it in creative.

    Here is a link to an Imgur album to some screenshots of the build.

    I'm open to suggestions on how to improve the build. I will update this thread with pictures as I get more work done.
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  2. Looks really good so far! Will you be posting screenshots of the inside later on?
  3. Yes, I haven't started work on the inside yet so I didn't take any screenshots.
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  4. A little progress update. I've started work on the interior.

    Here is a link to another album with some pictures of the interior.
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  5. that looks really cool, I love it <3
  6. The build looks really good, but quite simple.
    To make the build more complex and interesting, try using different block combinations in the walls.
    I believe you have used snow for the walls, but to add more detail, you could try and work in some quartz as they have a similar colour, but different textures.
    Also, you could try and use stairs in the wall to give it more depth: Maybe an upside-down quartz stair beneath the windows to look like a window sill?
    So far, it looks great though :)