My creation on smp1, would like opinions

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  1. I have created something close to a tree but not quite a tree, its still under construction but at the moment i am unable to provide any screen prints.

    If you could pop over to my lot and have a look and leave any feedback as of what to do next it would be very well appreciated.

    My lot number is 1740.

    Also if anyone knows why some of my water turns to ice please could you inform me. Thanks

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    So you can put some blocks way up in the sky over you water, or put some lights next to it, or put some lights *in* the water ( maybe glowstone/lanters on the bottom? )
  3. ok ill keep that in mind, thanks alot for that, its been bothering me :)
  4. just wanna bump this topic because i've continued further in the project
  5. Interesting project you got there. I like the high view point on top of the house. I'd like also to ask a question how you got water around your house? Water I could do in my place, but I keep getting this 'Bucket Flag' How do I get permission?

    Please feel free to visit my place, address 727, maybe I could do with some better ideas...
  6. You shouldn't be getting 'bucket flag' errors if you are the lot owner unless you have made a global command/statement such as:
    /res set bucket false.
    I recommend resetting all your permissions to default by typing /res default, and seeing if you still have problems. Hope this helps :)
  7. Usually you only need ONE torch next to the source block of water to keep it from freezing. One of the Skyblock series is a winter Biome and the water ALWAYS has to have a light source or a cover/roof over it to stay liquid.
  8. It worked, did exactly what you said. Now I'm able to finish my swimming pool in the basement.

    Thanks :)
  9. Very glad to hear it, enjoy your water :)