My Cow goes missing

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  1. Im having an annoying problem with my cows. I make a pen on my plot of land, capture two cows int the wild, put em in the pen and let em grow. Now here is where it gets problematic, everytime they mature, one of the two always disappears.

    First thought of what could cause this was the pen itself. So I made an even bigger one on a different location. However, I still end up with one cow missing. Bit annoying when im trying to breed them :p

    Does anyone have a similar experience or even a solution perhaps?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Happens to me all the time. They are minions of icC They prob just blow them selfs up...
  3. This has happened to me multiple times. I sent a bug to the bug team but they thought it was a mojang glitch when it isn't. -_- I suggest sending a PM to aikar.

    EDIT: It could be multiplayer lag as well.
  4. Icecreamcow's revenge for stealing his cows O.O.
  5. I think animals are still derp since the last update. For some reason they glitch through pens and stuff. I ended up digging out part of my res and just blocking the path to my cow farm with gates so they can't get out and I haven't noticed any issues.
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  6. This is happening to my Kittehs and doggehs...It's like the they ran away because they don't like me :(
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  7. It's jumping over the moon
  8. If it is on your res type /entcount
    You may be exceeding the number somehow.
  9. Ok. Here's a serious reply.

    In the game animals will sometimes glitch out of their pens. Make the fences thicker and 2 high or use solid blocks for the walls.
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  10. I made a barn once O_O
    Put five of six of each animal in each pen (this was before eggification. I had to use /animal purchase)
    Then they all glitched out and ran away.
    I was ticked.
  11. I've solved this problem by digging a 2 deep pit, and then ringing the edge inside the pit with fences. Seems to work most of the time.
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  12. It IS a Mojang glitch. Mobs are really laggy on MP. :)
  13. This.

    Never fails.
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  14. Same happened with my squids. I thought they just despawned! :(
  15. Squids do.
    Cows don't.
  16. Thanks for the replies everybody :) I will try to thicken the wall and dig down a bit an see if my runaway cows stay put ;)
  17. What about my squids? I had an aquarium and everything! Even paid like, 500r for dem! :(
  18. in 1.6 update animals will no longer take passive damage in town unless you turn on animaldamage flag, this will resolve the issue.