My Civ 5 experience.

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  1. I got Civ 5 last month, and it is a VERY good game! I took a little break from it to play some more Minecraft, but the break is over, and I have started again! Its very easy to start playing if you never played a Civ game before, like me. My first empire was with Britain. (As its the closest thing to Canada) I played it on the settler level, as it was my first time. I won that game by domination. My second game was with India, which was also on settler. I won that by the Utopia project. My third game was with Germany on Warlord. I LOST this game. Egypt won by the Utopia project, which was NOT a shock. My current game is with a empire that I don't know the name of. (Its the one that can embark on water from the very start.) This game is also on warlord, and I am planning on winning it with science. I am WAY ahead of everyone. (Only one in the modern era, and some just left the Renaissance a few years ago in the game.) I have had two wars in the game so far, both with Inca. The first one was with the Siamese against the Inca. I made peace with them. The second one was over land. They settled to close to my place, and simply took that city to get the rest of the island. This war is ongoing. The game is GREAT, and I suggest the you should get it.
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  3. Wow this game looks amazing.
  4. It is. It might look a little confusing, but its not really. Just play the tutorials. :)
  5. This game EOCKS!!! I have owned it for a while now and although I don't play it much anymore it is great to play I you just have to take a break from MC.
  6. I enjoyed Civ4 a lot more. I also feel kinda salty about the civ5 dlc contents.
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  7. I played it during the free weekend, and it was EPIC. I wish I could get my hands on a Visa gift card. :/
  8. It's really a much different game than Civ4. It's terribly hard to adjust to pentagons from the traditional square grid. I like both, although I haven't spent nearly as much time on Civ5 as I have on Civ4.
  9. Well yeah. Civ manages to make every game of the series its own distinct game.
  10. Yeah, I told one of my friends who LOVES Civ4 about Civ5, he played it once and couldn't stand it because it was so alien to him.
  11. Yeah, though as I said, I'm salty about the contents of the civ5 dlc. $30 for features that were in civ4.
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  12. completely random here, but mage do you like anime? im just getting that feeling that you do...
  13. I watch anime here and there. Its mostly that a lot of fan art make for great avatars though.