My Child

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  1. Don't forget my child,
    I'm with you every day.
    Anytime you need me,
    Just talk with me and pray.

    Keep your eyes on me, my child.
    Don't you look away.
    My strength is your strength
    For I'm carrying you today.

    Give it all to me, my child,
    It's too much for you to bear.
    My hand has been upon you,
    For are you unaware?

    I'm in control, my child,
    So put your trust in me.
    I will never leave you,
    My truth will set you free.

    Look to me, my child
    And you can't go wrong.
    A witness of my glory,
    Your testimony is strong.

    I know the desires of your heart,
    So don't you fret and frown.
    You already have the victory,
    Don't let the enemy get you down.

    My angels will protect you,
    And surround you with my grace.
    I will never forsake you,
    For you can win this race.

    So cast all your cares upon me, my child
    Just put your hand in mine.
    Don't give up, my child
    Let my glory shine!

    Copywrite Alisa Reafs 2015