My cats are ignoring me: Please advise :(

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  1. This might just be some random problem on my end, but I don't seem to be able to interact with my cats today?! They are all seated, and nothing happens when I try to interact with them. They won't stand, they won't take raw fish for breeding... nothing happens when I hit them with a stick (which is cruel, know, but for scientific purposes I tried it). I throw an egg at them it hurts them and they stand up, but then I can't make them sit again. It's like they are stuck or something, only they still meow.

    Is this happening to anyone else?
  2. This happens allot with me even on single player but they still look at me but they wont move :/
  3. Its because they are cats. They really don't care what you want.
  4. ^^ What she It said
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  5. actually its the lagging atm...mine do the same thing...if you teleport around a bit, then come back, it should work...
    at least thats what fixes it for me
  6. I just discovered that if I throw an egg at them, immediately after I can breed or eggify them, so I put most of them away, just in case!
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  7. If a cat is ignoring you, in my opinion this is the AI accurately representing a real-world cat.
  8. Maybe pushing them will work. Hasorko was having trouble with naughty kitties not listening and i think he fixed it by pushing them about 10 blocks.
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  9. Well, considering that the cats (Ocelots) are newly added animals there are going to be a quite few bugs. Throughout a couple more patches issues should be fixed/resolved. :) *Cough* JEB FIX MY ANIMALS!!! *Cough*
  10. What Foo said is right. You will notice that if you point towards the cat it selctes the block below here. Its like clicking through the cat. Sometimes cat also appear in a lower level if you have a house or something. This are just little bugs. You can just push the "real" cat around and all of this stops. Once it is alright the cat will start turning again and you dont click through her anymore.

    More information about cats you can find in my little guide:

    Also I didn't had one case yet where a sitting cat disappeared or lost its function in anyway. So you dont have to worry about having a cat sit somewhere. But just in case keep 2 eggs.
  11. This is also happening with my sheep.

    There appears to be some glitch or bug present with this latest update which makes animals completely un-interactable (Is that a word? It is now).

    Sometimes when I go into my Pens I can't shear, punch or stick the sheep, then a few minutes later I will be able to.

    Very odd.
  12. This really helped, today all my ocelots wouldn't work, i tried pushing them around but throwing eggs made them stand up and start walking holding some fish at the other side of the pen unbugged them.

    Also, I notice a lot of my animals have been dying when logged off this last update. I found a chicken carcass and feather so I know they didn't just disappear. I think they're walking into the walls and suffocating - also I find various meats on the ground when exploring. Seems like this new animal AI is a bit more buggy than the old AI.
  13. However, if you have quite a decent number of cats, such as

    You might not want to toss x amount of eggs at them. What I've tried is to visit a nearby residence, maybe 2 ~ 4 lots away, and walk back home, this works well for me.

    I also noticed that this issue usually occurs when you logged in after awhile or return from the wild/nether.
  14. I think so too. All my tame ocelots (probably around 20) despawned a couple of days ago. I logged onto smp4 right after the switch to new hardware and they were just gone. I think Ima take a little break from the kitty cats -- to frustrating at this stage.