My Cat Saga

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  1. Disclaimer: If you are blind... here is a wall of text:
    This story starts a few months ago in the first days of June of the current year. It was a normal weekday and I was studying for my impending finals. At home were my parents, my younger sister and myself. As a 17 year old I had just gotten my driver's license and on my mind all the time was a car. When would I get one? Would I get one? Which make? Which model? Which year? Let's just say my mind revolved around the fact that I wanted a car, so when my mother called my downstairs with an excited tremor in her voice my heart started to race. I rushed downstairs into my garage to find not a car, but a cat.
    For the next month we fed, took care of and played with this ferile cat that would stop by when she was hungry. After the month we took her to a vet under the impression that we wanted to keep her. After a number of tests the vet found her to be a very healthy cat. We we told though the she was lactating and had just given birth to a litter of kittens. The next weeks we spent searching for her home and for her kittens. With little to no luck. Along the way there were even some scares including finding her one day with part of her ear missing. We eventually stalked Nala (the mother cat) and found her lair (the underside of a neighbor's deck). After conversing with the owners of the house we got permission to scour the underside of the deck to capture the kittens. After a few days hoping that Nala would bring us the kittens we decided to take action. We had gotten in contact with our dog groomer, a cat rescuer on the side, and convinced her to help us rescue the kittens which numbered at four. The day came around and we headed over to the house. After baiting them with Kitten food we caught one of them - Mia:

    After deworming her and cleaning her we went out for round two and caught the at the time, crazy L'una (The 1) named that as she was the 1st cat we saw when we found them:
    She was a little (really) crazy though and we asked the groomer to take her with her. The next day we got a call that she was actually a really sweet cat. In rounds three and four though we came up empty and the next day I left for New Jersey with my sister to visit my dad and his wife. After the week was over I came home to not 1,2,3,4, but 5 cats, Nala, L'una, Mia, and the very scared Boo and Blacky:

    After finding out that the last two cats we rescued were terrible fraidy cats, we asked the groomer to once again take the cats in hopes that she would do her cat whisperer voodoo magic to make them a little less scared, and after a short week she returned with the duo and they were put into my room in hopes that I would continue their transformation into friendly house cats like their sisters in hope that we could find them a home. I love the cats though I have a shlew of scratch marks on my hands and arms and my family may give away the duo in my room they do grow on me day by day. This is where my cat saga ends but I will keep you all updated!
  2. Great Job :D
    Really like this saga...
    Still a better love story than twilight...
  3. That was one of the sweetest stories I ever heard! I love cats! I remember when I got my cat, she's 5 years old now. My aunt asked her to watch her for a week because my aunt had to move (she is always moving). So we were watching her, and getting so attached to the cat. And my aunt called my mom and asked if we wanted to keep Edie (mine and panda's cat). So we were so excited and said yes. Those were the good ol' days, when she was just a feisty little kitten. Well... she's still feisty and crazy today. Cats are cool! :D
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  4. This is such a good, and cute story! I love cats so much, and this story is so good!
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  5. I was always a dog person, but they are adorable.
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  6. Awe that's adorable :) Cute Cats
  7. -Didn't read lol-
  8. Tl;DR
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  10. Awwwww, so cute
  11. My saga today: Going to the home of the man who is basically my step-father, he stays at our house these days, and retrieving the cat that belonged to his grand-daughter. She couldn't keep it as her step-father was allergic, so she left it at his house. Once the cat was transferred to our home, I spent some time with said cat. After getting two noticeable holes in one of my few shirts, I think we're on good terms!
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  12. I can bump my own thread Dang FLABBIT!
    Here are some more pictures. They are about 8 months old or so now.
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