My building in the wilderness

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  1. here are some screenshots of my buildings in wilderness SMP2. Could you please not destroy the building. I build it all the time with the user damszy. Nice watch

  2. Looks CRAZY awesome. And I visited it at as well. Just nabbed a bit of the coal.
  3. That's awesome but...were is it?
  4. Great build, but only post the relative, that means around, coordinates, because putting it up can provide targets for griefers. But also give you the advantage of proof you built it.
  5. Map location: 2077,1896 :)
  6. What's that mean?
  7. coordinates on LIVE MAP :)
  8. This is my 100 post wooooohoooo
  9. I think I see a window in that mountain...Is it hollowed out? o:
  10. it is hollowed out, in side will be a portal to nether :)
  11. OK :( somebody come and destroy my buildings. :(
  12. Ahem,

    Sounds familiar ? Historian101 told you only to post the relative position (ie: north east west south....) of your building to reduce the risk (the "0 risk" is unfortunately impossible) of such thing happening. It only takes one player (out of the entire EMC community) and a flint and steel to destroy your beloved wooden structure, for the sake of destroying. Good thing you took pictures of it, it was a brilliant structure ;)
  13. Looked wonderful that sucks what happened to it, I enjoyed watching you and that other guy build on it over the past weeks and days, I've been watching on live map, :) It was a real piece of art.. thats too bad.. ):
  14. THX for all :) ok I'm not give up and I start build something alse.
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  15. That's the spirit, boyo!
  16. I just looked at this on the live map, I take it that huge fountain of lava wasn't your doing? :(
  17. No it wosn't my idea :( i moved to anather place becouse somebody destroy it.
  18. Some new photo :)

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