My Book! :D

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  1. Name: Our Last Stand
    Author: 5chris100, AKA Christian B. (name that shows on the book)
    Format: .docx (Microsoft Word 2010 Document, can be viewed on modern MS Word readers, but can be downgraded into a .doc for 2007 and lower if needed)
    Price: 100r
    Please buy the book in order to view the link.

    Synopsis (Summary): It is post-apocalyptic time, and Matthew, our hero, and his family have to search for a life-changing mineral, but will they obtain it in time, or will an unknown party interrupt their quest?

    If you are interested, please /r pay me 100r on SMP2 when I am online and PM me it is for the book. I will then add you to the private convo. Thank you!
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  2. I bought the book, but can you just pm me the link..... i dont feel like typing in the link xD.
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  3. Before I pay you anything, what's the book about?
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  4. Propane and propane accessories.

    j/k Idk.
  5. Best way to start a fire... I mean riot! ;)
  6. Edited in the synopsis. Will add more as the story is developed.
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  7. Um, wat.
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  8. Amazing so far :D
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  9. Thanks, I'm still working on it, though... Adding you to the critics convo :3
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  10. Sorry about no new updates... I'm having little time to work on it and I'm overwhelmed with schoolwork, so be patient! I have a little storm brewing in my head, so expect 2-3 more pages soon! :D
  11. Updated the book a little bit, but forgot to upload to Dropbox... :/ I added a little bit, and I got a lot of brainstorming in my head right now, so expect those 2-3 pages by Friday, or Saturday if I'm occupied (with anime... :D)
  12. I'll read it.
    Looks like i have some compitition.
    If Amused gets crazy in love with it, i'll have to step up my game xD