My blocks and items on someone else's res - they've left Empire

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  1. I built a "music shop" on another (diamond) user's res, at 18699 (SMP9). It just sells disks, juke-boxes, and note blocks. I spent many hours building it and thinking about the design.

    The user who owns that res has quit the Empire.

    Q1 Is there any way to save the shop? I'm guessing not, so...

    Q2 How long do I have, to demolish it, get all the expensive blocks, and take all the hundreds of disks out?
  2. i think u should pm a snr mod.
  3. A1) There's no way to save the shop unless you can log into the user's account.

    A2) Since he's a diamond supporter, the derelict policy would not apply, meaning you have until he's no longer a supporter (Or slightly more) to clear out your items.
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  4. I have the same "issue", i.e. I've "rented" one of my residences to other players, but it would suck for them that they'll lose it when I either quit supporting or want another residence myself. This is why I think it should be made possible to "transfer" ownership of a residence to someone else without first having to turn it into a dirt field first.
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  5. Thanks for those replies.

    I thought as much; it's no huge deal; just a shame, 'coz of my wasted hours making it.

    I'll take it down before his membership expires - it gives me some time.

    And yeah; there should def be a way to transfer res's in-tact; but I guess that's a wish-list thing for the future.

    Thanks again for answering my questions!
  6. oh they could they could use world edit...
    becuase i bot a lot from 621op for 5k and im building a netherfortress and when i get supporter i want the res to be my own
    all they have to use is world edit...its not that hard...
  7. Unfortunately everything which has been said here is true. Once the lot reaches the derelict list it can be wiped anytime, depending on when the server requires additional free lots.
    If they are a supporter, I am pretty sure they have 10 days after their supportership finishes before it is added to derelict list.

    As far as transferring the lot's contents from one location to another, it isn't so much a question about ability, more an issue with Justin's availability, and the future expectations everyone else would have for this to be done for them. This would be a full time job in itself considering the quantity of requests we get for this. :)
  8. Well, that is why I've argued in the past that transferring a res to someone could (should?) be an in-game command like any other residence operation. In the database system, I can't imagine it's much more complicated than changing an "owner" field (and possibly re-setting the flags to avoid surprises), and the logic of the in-game operation doesn't have to be much more than

    Player1: /res offer 12345 Player2
    Player2: /res accept 12345 Player1

    And the res (with all content) has its ownership transferred from Player1 to Player2.
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  9. I agree, it would be great to transfer ownership of a lot from one player to another, or if admin/senior staff had the ability to unclaim a lot without going through wiping procedure, and then reassign it to another player 'as is'. This would obviously be organized beforehand, likely through the website/forums, so we could be as certain as possible we are dealing with the true lot owner.

    The ability of players to do it themselves could end up being a major issue if accounts are hacked and ownerships are transferred without the true owners permission/knowledge.

    In this particular thread though, I believe the lot contents would have to be moved from one location to another, which would require a worldedit like program, which only super-admin have the clearance and access to. :)
  10. Hm, that's true. I hadn't thought of that possibility. I've never had an account hacked in my entire life, so it's not really something at the front of my mind. :p
  11. its pretty possible takes about like 10 min.
  12. And 10 mins x about a billion requests is more than a little effort :(
  13. oh yes that is when it gets crazy
  14. If this feature was added to the game... It should be for supporters only to limit mass amounts of residence exchanges
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