MY BIRTHDAY!!! (Party and giveaway)

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Sanargama, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. April 27th is my birthday and since my friends now hate me and I won't celebrate it IRL, I'm going to celebrate it doing a party in my residence (4444, smp2)

    All the EMC community is invited and we're going to eat cake, have a party and spleef, and then I'm going to give diamonds to you!

    The giveaway is going to take place in technologygeek's party room at smp9, after the party at smp2 with games and music, and etc.

    I'll be waiting for ya!
  2. Oh yeah tons of cake and wool and music and much more!
  3. Wish I could come and I don't think your friends hate u. Happy b-day :D. Don't let your "friends" ruin your birthday. If they were ur friends they wouldn't the u just like that :p
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!! Remember to look up!
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  5. when is it?
  6. Tomorrow!
  7. What time? 5 PM? Somewhere middle of night?
  8. Random, I'll post a thread.
  9. ok then ill keep watch, give us a 30min warning plz!
  10. We're adding the final touches!!!
  11. we will now be having the drop party at my res!
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  12. the diamonds are to be given away at my res, 18985 on smp9 in the party room.
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  13. Yup
  14. ad it to the OP
  15. Ok
  16. party is ON!
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  17. Party's over, now we're playing tagged at smp9. Thanks to everyone! :)