My BIG Birthday Giveaway!

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  1. So yesterday was my birthday in real life. I had taken the day off work to go fishing. The weather & seas were terrible so I didn't go. Instead, I spent the day in & out on EMC giving away promos & valuables all throughout the day! All gifts were unbiased & random. First I went to each smp and said "hello smp# !". The first person from each smp to respond won a small prize. Some smps I did not get a response & I went back to them hours later. Most all of the promos were given out by a roll of a 10 sided die to determine which smp. Then a look at the tab screen & use the appropriate die for the number of people online at the time. I would roll & count down from the top (I only rolled myself once, which I just re-rolled).

    I would then mail the winner the item I had previously chosen along with my head, a "Birthday Bling" named diamond & a custom book explaining why the received the gift. I had a ton of fun doing this! I spread it out randomly throughout the day from about 9am to 11:45pm EMC time to give the most people (globally) the opportunity to be online.

    I want to thank everyone who wished me well for my birthday! There were a few who also sent books or gifts back to me. This was totally not my intention, but they were all greatly appreciated.

  2. 1- Marlix Chestplate
    1- Marlix Leggings
    1- Marlix Bow
    1- Momentus Toothpick
    2- Meteor Bows
    2- 2016 Independence Day Fireworks
    2- 2016 Empire Fireworks
    3- Turkey Slicers
    1- Unused Cupid Bow (unbreaking 3 type)
    2- Liberty Swords
    1- stack of Diamonds
    12- Vault Vouchers
    3- Stable Vouchers
    1- Feast for a King
    14- Mending Books
    36- of My Head (I had intended to do 41, same as my age)
    64- Bottle-O-Enchanting
    12- Taste the Freedom Steaks
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  3. I also recorded all the "winners". I apologize if there are any typos in your names, they were all hand written & then typed in

    Wildbeast23 = Vault Voucher
    guerreochr = Mending Book
    LittleRobotSeffy = Mending Book
    MelleTheHundred = Mending Book
    ShelLuser = Mending Book
    Chrissy299 = Mending Book
    AWW1010 = Mending Book
    Mizzo12 = Mending Book
    1998golfer = Mending Book
    Kiku_Dusk = Mending Book
    VuurVarken = Mending Book
    Pterojackdyl = 32 Bottle-O-Enchanting
    Wobblerbutsy = 32 Bottle-O-Enchanting
    belac555 = Turkey Slicer
    ArmaniBerry = Stable Voucher
    seatran = Feast for a King, Taste the Freedom (12), cake
    cubefragment = Liberty Sword
    NickkG = Marlix Chestplate
    DrawingJust4fun = 2016 Independence Day Firework
    Ratsxed = Marlix Bow
    ChmMiner = 2016 Empire Firework
    _Devil__ = Vault Voucher
    Virusian = Vault Voucher
    AidenCT = momentus Toothpick
    UtopiaHnter = Vault Voucher
    xDoggieChampionx = Vault Voucher
    MatthewDA = Vault Voucher
    brookeseigmanxD = Vault Voucher
    onetoad = Vault Voucher
    swanmay02 = Vault Voucher
    Ky2la = Vault Voucher
    SupSingleLadies = Turkey Slicer
    OmarWrongChat = Turkey Slicer
    venomstrike1423 = Freedom Blade
    slash14459 = 5 Mending Books
    LordSkareC = Meteor Bow
    SleekLeek = Meteor Bow
    BlakeRules25 = 16 Diamonds
    B0bbythebuild3r = 16 Diamonds
    Falchion_GPX = 16 Diamonds
    rv203 = 2016 Independence Day Firework
    Kiku_Dusk = Cupid Bow
    MancubPlayzMC = Stable Voucher
    Qkazooo = Marlix Leggings
    SeniorPapino = 2016 Empire Firework
    Dani8 = Stable Voucher

    There were a few other minor thank you gifts that I forgot to record, if I left you out, please let me know [/spolier]
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  4. And a special thank you to all who sent books and/or gifts back:
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  5. A very happy late birthday to you! This was an awesome idea :p

    Edit: Let me know if you need to reserve more posts. I can repost this afterwards
  6. Congratz, wish you had a happy bday
  7. Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong with the spoilers (besides being computer illiterate)?
  8. I hear that the extra spoilers are created when you use fancy text or color inside them. If you're fine with having regular text, highlight everything inside the spoilers and hit the eraser icon in the very top left of your editing bar
  9. I think you highlight the text with the spoiler and hit the eraser button. That should return it to normal. Nice giveaway idea and Happy bday! :D
  10. Thanks! The eraser did the trick! I had typed everything in word and had changed the page to black with white letters & then copied & pasted. I didn't realize until later I could just change the color with a tab on here.
  11. Updated the list of those who sent gifts and/or books. Again, thank you all very much!
  12. Mobby, that was an awesome birthday giveaway bro! Happy bday again. I'm sorry you didn't get to go fishing....but at least you got to see me :)
  13. I'll have a friend mail you some diamond blocks out my chests later as a late bday present :p
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  14. Oooh! Pick me, pick me!
  15. To do that I'd have to give you perms xD
    You could mail him like 4 out of your chests and I'll have someone give 4 back to you :p
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  16. lol
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  17. lol
  18. Yea, give me admin perms! I've been told that I'm a very responsible and trustworthy person by several people who really don't know me very well and lack good sense.
  19. /report SeniorPapino being far too trustworthy
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  20. Happy Birthday!
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