My best creation in my life!

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  1. Hey guys,
    look at this, i have never seen this befor xD
    (this is no photoshop)

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  2. A player died and dropped it so skele pickied it up
  3. Hahaha, that's probably right demonthunder, but you've got to admit that the result is very funny!
  4. Everyone would've known that. It's just the fact that it looked funny.
  5. Oh good.
    Now I can make my own twin brother who will try to kill me.
  6. It'd be even better if you were standing next to him wearing a wither-head... :D
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  7. Am i the only one that noticed he has nothing in his inventory and can't defend himself from the diamond sword-wielding wither skeleton?
  8. i was killed by the wither skelton and i will take my stuff back :)
  9. lol no you wont, that sword will despawn with him
  10. mobs that pick up player items don't despawn;)
  11. wait really? like ever? even on emc? ive seen a wither skelly with my sword despawn but that was in 1.4.7
  12. Only on EMC airkar changed it a wile back:) there was a thread on it.
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