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  1. I made a bank at 745 and it will keep your stuff safe items you put the items in the water then I get them and kreep them safe I accept tips because we want to upgrade so we need money
  2. thanks.
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  3. I am a bit confused on this concept. But I like the way you designed the "lobby" :)
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  4. i with justin on this one
  5. I dont want you to "kreep" my stuff lol
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  6. why not beardswell ask anyone i keep them safe
  7. Ok, let’s say I gave you some of my items for safe keeping. How would it benefit me? Do you offer 25% interest per week? For example: I give you 4 diamonds and you kept those for your own use for a week would I then get 5 diamonds in return at the end of said week?(25% more than I put in). I guess I am just trying to understand what you are going for. Let me know when get it all figured out buddy. J
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  8. well you put items in and i keep them safe and if im not on then you ask jsutin owner to get you them and no you wouldernt get 5 diamonde for a week if you put in 4 if you like your housr without a chest you put 1 in
  9. and also justin can i be admin pleas so i can clear out the snow
  10. sio i love this serevr can you make me a server like this and can i be admin
  11. why is nursekilljoy never on?
  12. I think what people are asking, Beta, is what benefit would they get from giving you their stuff to hold instead of just keeping it at their own place, where they'll be anyways?
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  13. well notin really i keep them in a chest with a sign with there name on it and ig they are loike making a house then i can keep them and when your done you can get them
  14. This sounds almost as good as donating my items to the creeps in the wasteland!
  15. thats liek spamming my thing dont do that
  16. This seems about as trustworthy as that Nigerian Prince that keeps pestering me...
  17. lol tank +1 for the win statement there....i get pestered by the prince of kenya.......