my apologies

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  1. I got killed and lost everything...again... And I flipped out and used some cuss words.

    In case the chat logs are reviewed, I wanted to apologize for my rashness.

    Won't happen again!
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  2. We are all forgiving people. We all do bad stuff but as long as we make up for our mistakes and don't repeat them it is okay.
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  3. It happens. The empire is forgiving, we will show mercy forgive you.
  4. I think so, yes.
  5. Lol. Typing in chat is unnecessary. Curses are for when you accidentally blurt them out. Typing them is unnecessary.
  6. it ok just don't do it again and what server did u die on I may ask?:)
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  7. I reccomend only taking what you need, and what you don't, store in a chest at your res. you can go to pretty much any mega mall and buy a chest for about 20ish rupees