My Apologies For Not Being Available More In Chat

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  1. I know you all love to say Hi and you want me to come see your latest creations! That is the part of this position I dearly love.
    I also know you love to tell me in chat about report issues and players etc..

    I have to start telling all of you, no matter how much you are used to talking to me, to please STOP! I have one of the biggest community projects to ever hit EMC in the works right now to HELP YOU.... Because I ADORE you all THAT MUCH...

    I love our family on smp4! That is why I came back when we decided to have a Mod specific to each server. You have all become great friends with my son and that is why you are now working with me. Others of you have grabbed my heart with your vision and your designs at 9000.

    I am creating this new dynamic to HELP you all have more fun than you have ever had on EMC...

    How cool will it be when the day SOON comes that R0bbie calls out in chat that the Employment Office is open and if you are wanting a job or needing a job done you can come see us and we will hook you all up with TRUSTED PLAYERS and new friends.... :)

    How awesome will it be when you are bored that you can go out and add a 100 blocks of REALLY COOL to the road area out to RJ's Mines.... :) I can't wait till the day I come online and my babes have made me a Majestic Roadway to work!!! I know you all and I know it will happen... ;)

    Everyone Keep In Mind... R0bbie Loves Sandstone of all kinds and nether brick. LOOK at 9000.... :) We want to MATCH THAT.... :)

    How neat will it be when they day comes that we have our own selection of avatars for boys and girls and we all get to look alike yet still different and be a COMMUNITY of SMP4...

    I want you all PROUD of your Server!

    So PLEASE leave me be and let me WORK..... Wheeew....

    Thank you for that little rant.... heeheeheee:p
  2. ok.
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  3. Off topic: Five smiley faces!!!!!

    On topic: good luck with that big project of yours.
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  4. This tomato is proud!
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  5. I believe that is 4 smiley faces and one winky face my good sir. (In snobby british accent)
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  6. ( I counted the one in her signature ) Shaboom
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  7. Well, ummmmmmmmm look over there my continent is in debt crisis (disctraction)
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  8. Thank You All for understanding! :)
  9. YOU are doing GREAT btw... Thank You! :)
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  10. You are all doing SO GOOD.... Thank You :)
    I am so busy getting all of this in place.... We open 9000 at 10am in the morning.... :)
  13. Out of our hands.... I can't get on either :( Sad Momma .... so sad.... :(
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