My Amazing Turnout

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  1. Check out the photo album on the bottom of the story!

    I run (used to run) a small mall on smp5. I had a few regular customers like friends, but most of my income came from new players. It was not very profitable and was way too much work.

    I had been tossing the idea around of closing shop. Today, I was like "yes, today is the day. I'm closing down." But instead of simply closing, I decided to have fun with it.

    No planning at all, I had a 75% storewide blowout. I had expected a few, and I was worried that none would come at all. I came back to smp5 after letting my sale be known to a group of about 8 people. Not bad, I thought.

    As the sale went on for about 5 minutes, more people came. It got to about 12 people and my chat went ballistic for about 10 minutes.

    "Greif Party." "Yeah!"

    The words were tossed around for a few seconds, and I thought, holy cow that is a good idea.

    Let's do it!

    What else am I going to do with this old res, right?

    I returned to the EMC world beyond 5, and I returned to a crowd of 17 people waiting to turn my shop into rubble.

    It got fun when Cami turned up.

    The peak reached 21 people, and TNT was allowed ;).

    Cami had a lot of fun blowing my shop to the ground, and I had a lot of fun watching him do it.

    I then decided to drop one of the beacons from my now-destroyed shop. We had fun with it.

    Cami mixes it up a little by dropping some heads of high-ranking figures, which was a lot of fun, considering this had been thrown together in 10 minutes.

    As this event went on, I was like holy wow this is cool, and then I thought of how awesome this EMC community is. I sincerely want to thank all of those who attended, and all of the EMC community as a whole for making this hodge-podge "event" so much fun.
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  3. Hope you all had fun. I couldn't connect to emc for some odd reason. :)
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