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  1. Hey guys,

    If you can find my Alt account, I might give away 1k... If I can get in-game... I'm taking abreak from minecraft. Its pretty easy for those on SMP9... But they might not even know. I want to see if anyone can recognize it...

    Yours Truly,

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  2. ironclad1017?
  3. Only 1 guess and others are complaining that this is a attention seeking thread.
    Give us some hints?
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  4. Thank you!
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  5. Thanks! I was just thinking that :p
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    • SMP9
    • Has a number in it
    • isn't every active
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  6. is it

  7. Nole972
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  8. LOL! No I'm definately not his alt account. I'm a whole other person and I only have this one account. If you look at his hints on page 1, it says smp9, has numbers, (those two are true for me), but the third hint is "Isn't very active." and I play every day.
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  9. ironclad1017?
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  10. M4nic_M1ner ?
  11. Then... Why did you suddenly appear in this thread? Hehehe jk
  12. if you mean on at the moment then it is either MrEk or Sandman if it isnt TopDawg
  13. it has a number in ti
  14. I didn't say the numbers on them because there are well over 200 players in smp9 with numbers, I was only looking at the 3 that were online at the time.. <,<
  15. ivonator123
  16. Because my sister, who is on her laptop beside me, brought my attention to this thread saying "You know that Chascarrillo guy?" I said "Yeah." and she said "He guessed your username on this 'Guess My Alt' thread. lol" and I wanted to comment. :p

    Trust me when I say I am not his alt. Keep guessing. :rolleyes:
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