My account got hacked im tanino

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  1. Hello everyone just want to tell everyone im tanino and this is my new account so please contact me if you need to get a hold of me
  2. Welcome, new account. :) Sorry to hear about your other account though :/
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  3. There is three types of hackers...
    Ones that steal information for a good cause ie. crimanal org data base
    Ones that do it for fun ie. crackers (ingame hacks)
    Ones that harm others ie. the stupid peorson who hacked your account
  4. Wait, how do you steal information for a good cause?
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  5. Well..
    Let's say your in a crimanal organization and you use a computer to store your plans.
    MI6 or something could hack and steal your plans so they can stop you by knowing what evil task is in your plan
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  6. That's illegal... nevermind. Lol.