my account doent work!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by metro_miner, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. my acc password wont work and i dont know why? plzz reply i dont know what to do
  2. I would suggest going to and just switching your password. It would be the simplest solution. Are you sure caps lock is off?
  3. Your password allowed you to gain access here... You should be able to log into your client as well.
  4. The password for here can vary from your minecraft account. I use two different passwords. It's quite possible something occurred to his minecraft password which wouldn't occur on the site. It could have been hacked and changed, for example. This site doesn't go to to update the passwords to get on. The sites would remain constant and the minecraft would be the different one. Don't know how well I explained that, sounded to me like it just went on!
  5. could this be the reason why metro?

    edit: this was from late last night, around midnight pst
  6. That looks like an amazing build! Where did you get all that sand, I need some. :(
    If your account was hacked into, just go to They'll send an e-mail to the address the minecraft account is registered to that will let you make a new password.