My absence from the Empire

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  1. Recently, some of you may have noticed that I have been extremely inactive on the forums, and completely a ghost in-game. Well, this thread is too give you the reason and an expected date of return, as well as ways to reach me if there is something extremely important you need.

    First off, I had a lot of things going on concerning EMC before this happened, and hopefully I can get most of them out of the way this Sunday before UHC, if not this Saturday. Those of you who participated in the 500,000 Rupee giveaway, you will receive your rupees when I get the chance to do so. Those of you who order Special Halloween Items, you will receive your items when I get the chance to do so.

    Cory's Rupee Central

    The investigation on the giveaway has concluded, and once I am back it will be opening back up, claim bonuses will remain the same but a few things will be changing with the return of this service/giveaway.

    Return Date

    My expected return date is around October 29th or November 5th, depending on how my school and work schedules are going.

    Referral Contest and Voting

    I will be handing off my referral threads to a close friend who will watch over them and maintain them until I am able to resume my time on the internet.

    If I am not back by the return date above, I may go derelict because I can't find the time to vote or log onto EMC with my accounts, if you notice my derelict status on the following accounts getting low, please let me know:

    Nccoryg (Protected)

    Reason I am Away

    Recently I have become overwhelmed with school work and then things at my jobs began piling over that as well. If all goes well I should be back to my usual schedule around the next week or so.

    Contact Me

    Kik CoryAlcatraz
    Skype robloxnccoryg
    PSN (I'll usually be on watching Netflix while I do work) FPSCory

    See you later,
    Cory Loves You

    Note: I will be on the UHC server this sunday for the event, and will occasionally check the forums for messages and alerts.
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  2. Cool.

    Also first.
  3. Hope to see you back soon, after all life comes first and play comes after.
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  4. Wifey ;-;
    I hope you get all that stuff sorted out, and cya back up on emc soon :D
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