My 365th day on EMC!

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  1. I COMPLETELY forgot about it. But, I just remembered, and I can't actually believe its been one year already!

    A little history of me on the server:
    On the day that EMC upgraded to 1.3, I joined the server for the first time. I joined the forums on August 1st, though. When I joined a server, I joined smp2. I made the mistake of buying my first materials from the old Empire shop, instead of one of the player run shops. That year, I had the idea of selling christmas trees. I later had the idea of a new years eve party. Both ideas didn't go so well, as I lacked the time to make them happen. I joined a wild outpost in late 2012. As of now, the outpost is dead. In march 2013, I made my own wild city. That too is dead. I never was a great salesman, but I am running a shop now, the Nature emporium. That hasn't recieved much sales, but it has recieved some, so I don't have reason to complain. Not long after I joined the server did I set my sights on wooden construction. I had little space to accomplish this dream, so I decided to make tree farms. However, my first one was very inefficient. After my first res reset, I built my second hotel, the Las Vegas Hotel. In the summer of 2013, I reset my res a SECOND time, and now, since then, my supertall skyscraper has been under construction. I began to accumulate large quantities of materials, and decided to auction them. I auctioned a double chest of boats, and didn't recieve many bids on it. I later auctioned lots of other items. I auctioned 3 double chests of water bottles in 2013, and got just over 1k rupees for them. Recently I auctioned a double chest of 3 minute night vision potions, and got more than 3k rupees for them. The best auction I ever had was a 2012 new years firework, which I got for 40k rupees! I spent all my money from that afterwards, leaving me poor. I gained more money not long after. I joined the New republic in its final days, and now it has fragmented into many different outposts. My dream in the wild, is to design then build the wild city of my dreams with a gigantic population of the EMC community in it. That dream hasn't happened yet. My dream in town is to take the sales of natural items away from the mega malls in smp2, and bring them to my shop, which all the items sold there are made at the site. After 1 year, I went from having just 1 rupee history page, to 81. I also hope to start my own cavalry group in the wild to keep the peace. Basically, they would be the peacekeepers of the servers.
    -To Be Continued

    Well, that's a little story of my time on EMC, and I hope to continue the story through the next years of my EMC life. If you have a question, post a reply to the thread, and I will answer it. Negative comments I will personally report and ask for them to be deleted, so don't bother writing negative comments.