My 300th day! (Firework show!)

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  1. Come one! Come all!

    RainbowChin and I are throwing me a 300th day partay at his res!

    There will be fireworks, snacks, and lots of lawls.

    Tommarow at noon est:)

    If you want to help out message me or RainbowChin

    Merry minecrafting!
  2. God I'm stupid; lol. No tommarow:)
  3. ok, i just logged in, ran all the way back to spawn, and found no one there.
  4. Awh! I'm sorry:(
  5. It'll be great guys! :)
    (I hope...)
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  6. I mean come on.. Cookies and shiney stuff!
  7. I just realized I'm a well known member. :)
  8. What is his address and server?
  9. smp5 res 10398
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  10. Ok. :)
  11. 2012-12-23_22.28.15.png
    The dispensers are now in place!
    Also, a small drop party will be held for those that attend :)
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  12. Sounds like fun :D
  13. Fireworks happening in 15 minitues;

    smp5 res 10398
  14. Might not be able to make it :(
  15. It's still happeneing!
  16. im on smp5, where r u?