My 200th

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  1. Hey Guys! Chief here for another wonderful post. I Just wanna say it is my 200th birthday, and I wanna giveback to the community. A shout out to Robobozo and Cadenman2002, they were the reason I kept playing, and so for my 200t, I'd like to give back. I want you guys to post the funniest jokes you have, and I will judge them. The winner will receive something AWESOME.
  2. Congrats to ya!

    Not a joke but, what is a acronym for Chevrolet?

    Clutch Hangs Every Valve Rattles Oil Low Every Tuesday

    Again Congrats on your 200th b-day
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  3. I'd like to thank the Academy...

    Hm, here's a joke: Why did little Timmy drop his ice cream? =D
    He got hit by a bus. The end.
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  4. Because he was hit by a bus?
    -EDIT- I didn't actually read the answer first xD
  5. I have a feeling you stole that academy joke from somewhere...
  6. bump da bump bump BUMP!
  7. Manchester United winning the premier leauge

    Haha gets me every time
  8. My life?
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  9. might as well, BUMP Bump bump it up, bumptown bump it up.
  10. Bump, My 200th day is soon!
  11. Does it count if its just something funny to see/watch? If so, I'll say myself without my laptop. (People who are in convos with me have already seen what that's like :c (I might have gone to all of my open convos and spammed them)) I would laugh at that if it wasn't true. But it is. For the next five weeks.
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  12. Sure!
  13. Today is my 200th! Submit it soon to enter! Have fun and thanks! I'll grade em when I get home :)
  14. and the winner is...... lukafolz! Congratulations! Come to my 2nd res for your reward!
  15. lol that joke actually almost happened xD I was hoping they would beat Hull City for 3rd :(
  16. heh
  17. Congrats!
    Also, how did you live for 200 years!?
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  18. Woop whoop il be there tonight