My 200th Day Celebration+Ask Me Anthing

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  1. My 200th day is tommorow and i will have a little party to celebrate! It will be on my 4th res on SMP1. First we will have a TNT party followed by a massive drop praty and then a chest hunt with some stuff in ones and nothing in others. Mabye before the TNT party. Everyone will have build perms for the chest hunt and container perms as it is an empty res. We will also have other games mabey tag or something else. I have been busy and havent had time to make a huge event so we will do something small. I will use about a stack of TNT. The drop party will include enchants by the way. It will be at 5:30 PST, my 4th res on SMP1. Also ask me questions to celebrate!!!!!
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  2. Nice. That was quite an accomplishment when I got there...I am 307 now..... I am! I have fallen and I can't get up!
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  3. omg lol, anyways does anyone have any questions for me i want to anwser ALOT
  4. Do you own one or two toasters?
    What is the average number of bacon slices you eat with your eggs?
    How many freckles do I have?
    Who would win in a fight, ICC or Justin?
    Do you like avacado on your BLT?
    Do you beleive Micheal Phelps is an alien?
    How ofter do you die of lava in Minecraft?
    Do you have a job?
    How many zombies have you killed IRL?
    Do you beleive in Mango's?
    Is the sun really a giant space craft?
    Who is Darth Vaders father?
    Why do I have alot of pointless, unreasonable, questions?
  5. I'll answer those when I get to my computer
  6. Whats your opinion on pie?
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  7. Are you asian?
    Do you wish you were asian like me?
    No, I won't post any pics.
    Are you jelly that I'm asian?
    Concord grape jelly?
    Do you like eggrolls and dumprings?
    Do you like me?
    Did you check out this: (I need more views on the vid)
    What superhero would you be and why?
    What's your favorite movie?
    Why is your Minecraft name the way it is?
    Do you have an Youtube account? If so subscribe too me.
    Do you like trains?
    How much rupees do you have?
    Will ICC be at the party?
    Can I eat whatever is too the left of you and the right of you?
    If you just pissed off Chief and you only had the things behind you and in front of you to defend yourself, how screwed would you be?
    Are you tired from answering all these questions?
    Make sure to answer all of them ok?
    Where were you born?
    What is the sun's mass?
    Do aliens wear hats?
    What's your opinion on Batman?
    Do you like my profile pic?
    Is this too long?
  8. Here are the answers to my questions so far:
    Not Many
    Not Often
    no, but i believe in jellyfish
    how should i know
    you're annoying
    I like lots of pie
    hunger games
    i like it
    i do, but i wont
    don't like it

  9. forgot to ask any more questions? this is FUN
  10. :O Why not?
  11. will you click my eggs?
  12. why not to what LOL
  13. EDIT: Party will now be at 5:30pm PST
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  14. Its in 5 hours!!! :)
  15. my cousin albinopolarbear is having his party thing later because he is at a summer camp thing and im spending a month at his house even though i live only 30min. away
  16. Nooooooooo, im gonna miss it! :(
  17. Only an hour and 18 minutes to go, and ask me more stuff!
  18. all senior citizens should have life alert...