My 115th day Fishing Party!!

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  1. Ok guys about 1 week ago i posted a thread about my 110th day Fishing party, i made a big mistake and had to reset my res. But the party is back on!
    Meet me tomorrow to celebrate for my 115th day!
    ( Sunday the 1st at 3:30 EMC time ) Don't know what time it is? Do /time in your talk bar and it will tell you!
    The plot you will attend to is # 4090 on Smp2.
    If you attend to this party there will be a little mini game that will happen. I will have a Cobblestone wall with item frames all over it and everytime you catch a clownfish you put it in the item frame.
    You DO NOT have to play this game but if you do, Thank you.
    If you do not have a fishing rod, there is no worry. you can buy one at my res for only 20r!
    I hope to see you there!!!!
    If you have any questions click the post and just ask me, if I'm in game Private Message me!