My 100th Day on Empire Minecraft!

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  1. Hello Peeps,

    Don't mind this useless thread :D. I just wanted to notify my 100th Day on Empire Minecraft!!!
    I'm building a grand hotel on Utopia 5003 Come n have a look!

    A small little party is in place!

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  2. Congrats on the triple figures mate :) let's make it a double century :p
  3. Very cool! Congrats!
  4. With the best friends/mods and people who give me great opportunitys, EMC won't get rid of me that easy :D

    Lets make this a four figure number :D
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  5. Haha he didn't even know it was his 100th day till I told him
  6. thx ecto :D
  7. i was there. so it made the whole thing special. :cool:
  8. He was standing there, lonesome, on the green grass, until he vanished... D:
  9. I was going to go to the party.
    But then I didn't.
  10. ISMOOCH ate all the cake XD (there was no cake)
    It was fun! (ISMOOCH just stood there, lost for words)
    You missed this epic party! (awww yeah XD)
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  11. i stand.. its my thing.