My 100th day on emc party!

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  1. Hello people,
    In 6 days from this post's time, I will have been on emc for 100 days! To celebrate I'm holding a drop party(chest style!), trivia, and a raffle for 5k rupees!
    Where: SMP4, /v 9128, party room! If said res is too laggy, try lowering your video settings.
    When: August 2, time 9:00 am EST
    What's being dropped?

    More will be added as the drop party continues.
    Now for the raffle for 5k.
    If you wish to have your name entered, please comment below with your preffered number, 1-20.
    1. Daffy22
    2. Lehmaqr
    3. Bucky291
    4. xi_like_a_pigx
    5. republicknight
    6. diamond_viper111
    7. hayjam
    9. marknaaijir
    11. AlexHallon
    13. HylianNinja
    14. nfell2009
    16. Charip
    17. orlandont
    19. theepic5
    20. ImParanoid

  2. Gtg to the beach, will update later...
  3. 7 please
  4. 6 please
  5. Updated it all, and bump.
  6. Bump. In the event that there are not enough people in the raffle, I will keep spamming until a taken number is reached.
  7. 4 my good sir. Thanks for being so generous and giving away 5k! :)
  8. 9, my friend, the number I will win.
    And it is almost my 200th day, maybe give the 5k I win here away?
  9. add me on 17 pls :)
  10. i shall take the great number 16
  11. Updated time, and 1 more day.
  12. 1 please! :)
  13. 2 plox! i mean pls... BTW, today is my 100th day :D im doing like a small scale version of what your doing. 1.3 is Mojang's gift to me :p