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  1. Hey guys and girls!
    I am making this thread so we can share some of our MW3 moments, gamertag, and more.
    I will start with saying this:

    I am Hash98 on MC, but on xbox live I am Hashman98. If you want to freind me just send a request and a message saying who you are. I have gotten multiple nukes, two legit, and 4 infected. I primarily use the ACR with impact and suppressor or the M16a4 with red dot and kick.. I also always use the mp9 as my secondary with extended mags. I tipically use a semtex, unless I want to trol with the c4 or throwing knife. I use portable radar. I have mostly low level kill streaks like 1.Predator Missle 2. Attack Helicopter 3.Reaper. I use maytrydom as a deathstreak.
    I hate the Type 95, and dual FMG9's. They are both way over powered.
    I just pretiged to a 5th prestige and I am level 7-derp. I am going to try to use the Scar-L and the ump-45 this pretige along with my other main guns.
    I want to use the ak-47, but man that thing has recoil, even with kick and a suppressor. I like to shoot down enemy helicopters with my mp9 like a boss.
    I am ok at quick-scoping. My favorite game type is TDM or Demolition or Infected. I have gone one game winning 1-17(me being the one person left) hiding on Outpost.
    How about you guys, you play MW3? If so, tell us what you use and how you play!
  2. one thing i remember about that game is that its awefull
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  3. Please remove that comment.:(
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  4. you said to post memorys of that game ,that was mine BF3 for the triumph
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  5. I have to of duty is getting boring. Plus the things they're adding is ridiculous.... call of duty elite?

    From black ops and onward I am going to say call of duty sucks. Mw2 and below are still amazing.

    Mw3 is so ridiculously bad the ranking system is even more difficult to tackle. They're charging an insanely amount of money for a couple of maps. They charging out 15 dollars per map pack. Those maps can be easily made by an amateur. In cod 4 we use to have custom maps that are insanely fun. That ended when they added match making in PC for mw2. I think treyarch should just quit developing for call of duty games and just start making stand alone zombie games. And guess what I think without West and Zampella in development with infinity ward, modern warfare 3 is just a dead dream.
  6. I don't buy anything but the game. I don't buy the DLC packs or Elite Premium.
  7. C'mon that is just rude. Although i like BF3 better and can agree with your comment for the most part, this is not a thread on COD hate. It is about posting fun COD moments to share with other people who like COD. So if you don't like it please don't post something rude.
  8. I posted fun moments... just not from mw3 lol!

    Custom maps are more fun than official ones. Cod 4 is still the best if you are going to ask me for comparison.
  9. in mw2 i fired a javelin died respawned....................right before my own javelin killed me
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  10. Yeah I wasn't talking to you, but it seemed the other person has stopped anyways so everything is all good :)
  11. I play on PS3, well I don't really play on my PS3 at all but at least I have one
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  12. Yeah I went for ps3 instead of Xbox because I thought it was a better buy with all the exclusives and free online, plus I don't need to buy a separate blu-ray player. Any games you have for it you play a lot?
  13. I quit mw3 for multiple reasons heres 2 I freeze everytime i play THAT GAME ONLY and get get Disk read error ON THAT GAME ONLY
  14. I don't really play any PS3 right now, but I did play BF3, MW2, MW3 and Black Ops before, I also had Fifa but that wasn't anything for me, I've tried Skyrim also for PS3 but I haven't bought it because I know I wouldn't play it for long
  15. My Story(I couldn't think of a title):
    So I used to play cod since cod 2 and after I got MW3 I loved it.
    Then One day I was curios (How do you spell it) so I bought BF3.
    I played a match and I fell in true love with it.
    Then I tried playing MW3 and I hated it....
    It was unplayable.
    So Now I play BF3 all the time.
  16. my gamertag is stickzilla123 (my cousin made it for me so its his mc username) and i primarily use a gold FAD or a p90 almost gold. i usually get about 10-20 kills per team death match and my favorite gamemode is pp9 oic (one in the chameber) or i like to play search and destroy my favorite map is seatown and i SUCK at quickscoping also, i am good at sniping (what try-hards call hard scoping) also im only 2dn restige almost 3rd perstige, but perstige doesint really matter. also i hate hackers also i hate 5-yesr olds with MP-7 and i agree type 95's SUCK
  17. I just play CoD sometimes, not that many, only at friends houses, not myself, I always do Tomahawk, because I like using that one :p, my favorite map is Underground, more I can't tell... :p
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  18. I have actually had the privalidge to shoot a pp9 myself. It is awesome. I put a supressor on it, fun. I only prestige to compete with my freinds from school, freindly compitition. I get around 20-30 kills a game, 10-20 if I am on a off-day. My favorite map is Terminal from mw2. I am glad they brought it to mw3. Other than Terminal, my favorite map is probably Arkaden or Outpost. I use the dragonof as a sniper(when not quickscoping.). I only quickscope iin private matches, I hate it when people quickscope in normal games. I love the p90. I got it GOLD my second prestige. I got Autom for the FAD in my third prestige, but couldn't get gold. It just wasn't the gun for me, you know?
    Anyways, yes I have played BF3. It is a very fun game, but personnaly, I like both. They are both unique and different and I like both of them. The only game that I don't like is..........the GTA series. I am old enough to legally play them, but I still think they are just to violent.-I am not going to carry on with this subject due to maturity levels of some people playing on EMC.
    I can't wait for BO2. Dual throing knives and explosive tomahawks!!!!!!
  19. It was amazingly easy to get those across the maps on NukeTown. Almost every game I played someone would get one.:p
  20. Ha like Mark I only play at friend's houses and Nuketown is my favorite map in all COD games. (My favorite zombies map is Kino or Ascension) But my one friend was hiding in his "spot" on Nuketown and my other friend say, "Are you hiding in your spot?" He was so my friend throws a tomahawk across the map and gets the kill. The reaction my friend who got killed made was one of the most hilarious things I've ever witnessed in my life. I have come to the conclusion that for me and my friends COD is cheap (but hilarious) entertainment. It is a game we really only play for splitscreen multiplayer and provides for some hilarious moments. That is just my take on COD.