MW3 Special Ops

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Thrime, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. WhooHoo!
    Level 49 in that thing!

    What level in special ops are you guys?
  2. I don't really care about MW3.
  3. I think 36.I really haven't played much spec ops due to no one I know wanting to co-op with me.
  4. Spec ops singleplayer or multiplayer?
  5. Spec ops is the co-op.
  6. There are also spec ops for singleplayer :p
    PS. I play the cracked version. But going to buy a legit one soon
    Ah. So these level u r talking about is in co-op :)

    And can a RU version play with US ?
  7. I play legitly on the spec ops on MW3. In solo, on the hardest level, baakara or something, I'm in the top 1600s
    (which means I got to wave 12!)
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  8. It should be able to.I've played with a lot of russians in multiplayer .
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