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Which is your favorite below?

MP7 4 vote(s) 40.0%
ACR 6 vote(s) 60.0%
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  1. Hello meerkat heeeere, And ive been addicted to Modern Warfare 3 so I thought I may have a Talk about it. I play xbox live and standing at (This second I post this thread) Prestige 3 Level 60, And hoping to get prestige 4 by end of august. What rank are you in multi player? Let me know :D Bye!

    Best wishes
  2. I play on ps3 and am Prestige 10 Level 80. I've stopped playing it because I don't have access to that account.
  3. Wow 10. Nice :) I wish to be at least 9 but idk what will happen. The ACR will help me. And double xp on dropzone with dem care packages.....+40 +200 +40 lol
  4. I don't play anymore... but DZ was definitely my favorite gamemode.
  5. I played it when it first came out prestige in a week i dont remember my rank... then It got WAY to easy and I found battlefield 3.

    EDIT: MP7 was da bomb
  6. I am 7th prestige I think, but i got to 20th and reset myself before.

    Some video footage of myself playing Search and Destroy
    EDIT: yeah, I have the Marine camo
  7. The only thing i play it for is infected and that is super rare if i do play it. I think I'm 3rd prestige from just infected fanatics with friends xD - in my opinion it's the worst CoD and everyone i know agrees. I just don't see the appeal of this one for some reason
  8. Yeah I agree the last good/decent Cod was MW2 imo but I am hopeful for the new Cod coming out this year its the fist one to have a new graphics engine and made by a new company
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  9. Pretty nice :D better dan me I do dat technique of firing while prone up and down if ya get wat I mean
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  10. URGH 'Dropshotters' they are the bane of my existence
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  11. I'm a level 10 prestige. I have a system that I have gotten thousands of kills. I shoot out a window on a car. Then I put C-4 and a portable radar under the steering wheel. Then I play and when someone gets close blow it up. The hate mail that I get amazes me.
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  12. i have 9 or 10 of those "hardcore clips" as some say
  13. Don't play it anymore but I think I got to 5th prestige which is the highest I've ever got in CoD. It was a good CoD, one of my favourites alongside CoD 4. I've lost complete faith in the series but I'll still probably get advanced warfare :p
  14. You should read the hate mail I get playing battlefield I've gotten it in 3 different languages lol
  15. Advanced Warfare may restore my faith in the series it's the first real new CoD since CoD 4
  16. I play MW3 PC.
  17. relevant:
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  18. I got some hate mail from a guy in Tokyo. He flipped out hardcore. At least I could understand him.
  19. This is BF4 but it's still amazing and needs to be shared
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  20. I'm about lvl 70 on ps3 (ended up dropping it when i got bf 3 but started playing it again since i saw my room mates playing it), i like to play using guns not many people use and get real annoyed at the constant use of one weapon *acr and mp7* (for example my main gun now is a pkp supressed (typically get about 17-27 kills per match (unless i stink that match))) the only gun i ever bothered maxing out was the scar because it has been my favorite since mw2
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