Mustanglover25's redstone repair and installation service.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am a highly skilled redstone mastermind and for those of you wanting me to build them a specific machine or device please pm me but there are some regulations,

    1. You must supply me with the materials needed.

    2. I will charge a fee on the repair or installation and the price will depend on how much time I have to spend on it.

    3. If you are doing this on your friend's residence then you must invite him/her to the pm conversation to let him/her authorize that you are allowed to do so.

    4. Here is the information I want in the pm conversation,

    Residence Number
    Server it is on.
    What type of machine you want and the function.
    A good time for me to come and work on it.

    So just follow these rules and regulations and I will be more than happy to help you with whatever you need.
  2. Also I will be hiring employees for this company, please pm me if interested and if you make money you are to give 1/4 of it to me if you work for this service.
  3. I may need one soon I'll pm you when I'm ready.
  4. Great just let me know when your ready and I'll let you have the honor of being my first customer!
  5. Sweet, it may take a bit of time though because of all the supplies I'll need to get, and I'm technically not finished with my build.
  6. Any pictures/examples of things you will make?
  7. I don't sorry but I make what the customer wants so you ask me for a function of the machine and I will figure out a way to make it.
  8. Would an Obsidian Generator that makes 64 at a time be possible? also a very VERY efficient smooth stone gen?
  9. If the answer is yes, I will order soon...
  10. Yes it is but you need to be on a Utopia residence for me to build that the regular SMP server residences are too small and I can but we need to set up a time for me to come out there.
  11. Ok, Res: 5374 and you can work on it anytime, you have permissions, just tell me what you need an price