Music suggestions?

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  1. Hey guys! Lately I have been getting bored with my music. I need some new music! I am horrible at finding new music, So I am asking for suggestions. I am going to put on some links to songs I like. Other then that, Add your favorite songs! (not proud of Justin Bieber :p)

    That is the general idea. I do listen to other music. Your suggestions don't have to be anything like these. Share any kind of music! I will listen to all of the songs suggested.

    WARNING: Some of the songs I suggested have language. I am not opposed to language in songs you share.
  2. *cracks knuckles* Let the links begin!

    I can share more with you, these were my top 5 in my head... EMC only lets 5 media per post >.>
  3. Love it! Forgot to mention that I am a major bon jovi/AC-DC/Scorpion fan! I want more >.>
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  4. I play this in a loop when I'm in the Frontier. :D

  5. Acutually it comes from another song but i dont think it would be appropriate.