[MUSIC] Post a Music Video Thread

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  1. Ok, so I am a fan of all kinds of music. And I can listen to ANY music just depending on how I feel :) Like right now I am listening to some Hardstyle but 2 hours ago I was listening to Dubstep and before that even some weird kind of opera :D So my question is what music do you guys like?

    To find out what you like you may post a Music Video from Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube

    There are of course a few rules to keep the thread nice and clean and I will list them below:
    - As first rule please do not Rick Roll, its not fun or anything and a moderator will make sure your post will be removed.
    - Please use the Media button to add a video to your post, do not post direct links.
    - Do not post directly after your made a post
    - Please keep a maximum of 2 video's per post (This is to avoid getting a whole page filled by 1 person)
    - Please say what Genre/Type the music is you post
    - And if there is any bad behavior in the video like anger/crime/sexual reference please state that it can be bad for people under the age of 16/18 depending on how bad it is (This is just for safety, I know the kids can also watch the vids but at least we show some maturity

    Ok so I shall break the ice here :)

    This is the song I was just listening to

    Lets have some fun here :)
  2. Bad behavior? I suppose some of the dance moves performed could be considered "sexually suggestive" in both of the MVs. :p

    My two MVs will be of Korean pop music, because that is the style I appreciate the most. Here you go:

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  3. I'll add another video to get the thread bumped :)
  4. Cmon guys post some more video's :)
  5. Haha that song always makes me happy :)
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  6. Also hope to make the netherlands one at some point got a couple of friends that want to go so soon hopefully :D
  7. If you are a fan of hardstyle btw listen to this

    Or this

    Its both Dutch guys doing these Podcasts, so as usual their English sucks :) But its a good way to keep updated with the newest tracks.
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  8. This is a awesome website http://www.hardstyle.nu/ for hardstyle listened to it for 22 hours :p
  9. Yeah I also know that website :) Its nice to always be updated with the newest tracks. As I like to DJ a bit for small groups I use these things to get the newest music :)
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  10. Feel the emotion.
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  11. The guy who makes these awesome music videos.. Well, just watch.
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  12. Wow I watched that with so much joy, that is really awesome! Thanks for sharing that
  13. I love this!
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  14. check my website located below: and let me know what you think about it :)
  15. By the way, if you haven't seen this thing, you should, it's awesome. (^_^)

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  16. I don't know how to upload stuff but search up Fallen Kingdom by CaptainSparklez IT'S AWESOME!! :p
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