Music discs and jukeboxes

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  1. hey guys, im selling almost every music disc possible, only one i dont have anymore is strad, sold out recently, so i sell every disc except strad. the prices are as follows
    11 disc: 750r
    every other disc: 150r
    if you notice that i am out of stock on any of these discs, please send me a message on here, thanks
  2. ok, i see the "every other disc" category costs 150. isn't it a little much? to me a normal price is 90r (i sold for 80 but ran out)
  3. 11 - 750? Isn't /shop 500?
  4. yes /shop is 500r and the average (14 shops ive been to) is 70-100, so it is a little expensive...
  5. Ok guys, I didn't know the average price, people have bought from me alot with those prices, so if you're willing to buy some I'll lower the prices for you later today, please comment and let me know, I'm on smp3 and my res # is 7129
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  6. Definitely change the '11' price.
    All disc average at around 100r, because I'm guessing you got them from the Utopia grinder?
  7. theres a utopia grinder?
  8. Yeah, used to be a community one right next to spawn :)
  9. I didn't know that existed actually, I earned all these from wildy in smp3 =P I'll lower as soon as I'm able to since school is swamping me with homework right now. I'll post on thi thread when I have lowered prices