Music Disc For 100r!

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  1. Well. Recently I have been collecting music disc. Why have you been collecting music disc? To sell to the community! You may see them in the store for 500r! But no! Im selling them straight to you for only 100r! You save 400r! This is what is in stock!
    5 - Chirp!
    6 - Cat!
    5 - Mellohi!
    7 - 13!
    3 - Blocks!
    0 - Stal!
    2 - Ward!
    5 - Strad!
    1 - Mall!
    0 - Far!
    Come place your orders down below! And tell me the ones you want!
    *JigglyPuff May Vary.
    S_R_L_B! Selling music disc to you! Since 2012!
  2. I will take blocks. I need to go now, I will PM you when I am on.
  3. I'll take one of each of them.

    Except for Stal, Strad, Blocks, 13, 11, and Cat.
  4. Ok! I have written down both of your orders. Once I get a payment. There will be a chest waiting on my lot for you!
  5. I'll take one of each also which is 1k so ill get that to ya
  6. 500r paid to you, bring it to SMP2 if you can. I can pay the vault fees. :)
  7. Ok. Im in smp2 ;)
  8. Your order is being processed mugatu1994.
  9. S_L_R_B can i get strad, far, mall, and ward
  10. 400r was sent to you
  11. I'll buy one of each off you.

    Actually, you can just give them to me when I show you the coordinates!;) Then we're even.
  12. i will take
    - Stal!
    - Ward!
    - Strad!
  13. I take Cat for 100r SMP1 i meet you in your plot then i pay you ok ?
  14. If im on the server then i pay you but i meet in your plot
  15. Ok. Slayer. I have set up a chest on my lot for you. pateraterick I just need a payment. nikkif99 Im on my lot now.
  16. pm me when you have my order please :)
  17. Oh god. I just updated of what I have on the list! Looks like I need to go restock again!!!
  18. Ill set up a chest for you now! Just need the payment ;)
  19. Sweet, got it thanks!
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  20. I would like stal and blocks.