Mushroom Mountain Base

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  1. Located on SMP1, in the wilderness, just below the North Outpost.
    Coordinates are -245,64,-8759.
    Built by bob23646 and BumpyDasher.


    EDIT: This project has been abandoned, due to BumpyDasher being banned, and me working on another project.
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  2. Yup thats it!
  3. lol how did u get myceliium??
  4. Someone has griefed it:(
  5. The island is made of mycelium.
  6. Idea, make it a supplies outpost for players and store stuff there, that way you can make money, and players have a place to rest.
  7. What was bumpy dasher banned for?
  8. Using a spambot. I wasn't the one who banned him.
  9. If I did that, griefing would be a huge problem. bBesides, I don't have time. However, you can do that.
  10. I stumbled upon this island when I was checking smp3 for outpost areas to patch up, is has a commanding presence on the live map and looks even better up close, just like Uluru. :)
  11. Don't you mean SMP1?
  12. Awesome! You just found the myceliyum mountian and converted it?
  13. If by converting it, you meant turning it into a base, then yes.
  14. cool, i like the base
  15. Well there is an identical one on smp3 as well then, looks just like it. :D

    It is also located below the north outpost on the southwest corner.