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  1. I Want to get that Mumble app for my Iphone, but what app is it and how do I do it????
  2. I wrote a guide for you ^.^

    1. Open App Store
    2. Search 'Mumble'
    3. Download the Mumble App

    It's really not that hard :p
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  3. Yes I downloaded that app and opened it. Then what?
  4. 1. Go to Favorite Servers
    2. Push the "+" button in the top right corner
    3. fill it out like this:
    Description: EMC
    Port: 64738
    Username: DemonThunder343
    Password: (Optional)
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  5. It Worked Thanks :D
  6. First go to Favourite Servers
    Then After clicking the + Icon on the top right of the screen Put in the following Details. image.jpg

    Then Join the server I guess.
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  7. I don't really get how to talk and stuff
  8. :p
    NINJATTILA's Guide to talking
    1. Open your mouth
    2.Pass air through your voice box
    3.Move your lips to create different sounds also known as letters ;)

    In all seriousness here is another somewhat helpful Guide from NINJATTILA

    Tap to the Preferences Icon in the main screen.
    Then Put in the following settings. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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