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  1. With the newly implemented system of creating temporary channels, I came up with an idea which might take some work, but it would save people time.

    The basic idea is that if you create a temporary channel on Mumble, it doesn't just get simply deleted, but instead the information is stored to a database before the channel is removed, making it easier to recreate the channel at a later time.

    To recreate the channel, you would join into the "Community Temporary Channels - Create Your Own", triggering the system to generate your channel and restore all of the settings you previously had, then moving you into the channel automatically.

    For those that like simple explanations:
    This would make it possible for people to have "permanent channels" without them actually being permanent.

    How it would work:
    1) You leave the channel
    -- If an entry is not found --
    2) System saves Name, Owner, and ACL to database
    -- If an entry is found --
    2) System updates database entry
    1) You join "Community Temporary Channels - Create Your Own"
    2) System searches for an entry with you as an owner
    -- If an entry is found --
    3) Create the channel
    4) Set name
    5) Set ACL
    6) Moves you in

    I ask that if you don't like this suggestion, or even if you do, please let your thoughts be known :D
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  2. They should make permanent channels for people who have continuous issues XD
  3. There is one fundamental issue with this: it would be considered giving certain people special treatment.
    However, if it does become necessary, limit them to those who have a valid reason.
  4. this would require us to run a custom version of the mumble server software which I am not willing to do.
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  5. Or, perhaps, you tried preventing said issues.
  6. there isn't a way to do this with MuMo over ICE?
  7. I have and tgey alway tend to follow -_-
  8. not that im aware of, nor would i ever have the time to even investigate.

    ACL's are not needed. Passwords are sufficient for control, if someone abuses text messages or so, don't invite them.
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  9. I was actually looking into it last night. There are some leads that I found, but they might not be what's needed. :(
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