Multiple Enchant Items for Sale.

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  1. Hey all EMC players. I am selling some enchanted items. All prices are negotiable.
    The list:
    - Unbreaking III, Eff IV- Asking about 2.5k
    - Unbreaking III, Eff IV, Fortune III- Asking about 6.5k
    - (Bow) Infinity I, Flame I, Punch I, Power III- Asking about 5k

    I also am selling splash potions such as instant damage II.
    If you want orders over 50 pm me.
  2. Btw no damage on any items.
  3. Might want to try to sell these in-game. Also you can try to get into contact with Margaritte and she can sell your pickaxes in the wizard tower she owns and organizes.
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  4. OK anyone else want the tools
  5. i would like to buy the bow plz for 5k
  6. ill give u 6k for the bow been looking for long time
  7. i have a bow with flame I power V ill sell to u 621 for 8k
  8. but i dont have 8k i have 6.5
  9. if u could get knockback with flame and power i will buy it i have been waiting for a bow like that forever
  10. brandop ill buy it for 8k
  11. Ill buy the Fortune III for 7k
  12. The fortune and The bow are sold.
  13. Will you sell non splash fire resistance potions extended?
  14. yes im opeing a potion shop on my res on smp6